UMG Nashville’s 迈克塔吉克族 to Receive Presidential Award at 音乐商业2017 Convention in Nashville

乡村音乐协会(CMA)主办大会 连续第二年获得早餐奖

11月16日, 2016 – The bwin地址 (Music Biz) will present its prestigious Presidential Award for Outstanding Executive Achievement to 迈克塔吉克族, 纳什维尔环球音乐集团董事长兼首席执行官. The presentation will take place on the morning of Wednesday, 5月17日, 2017, during the 音乐商业2017 convention’s Awards Breakfast at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville. The Breakfast will be sponsored for the second straight year by the Country Music Association (CMA), which just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards on November 2.

“Mike’s journey in the music business spans more than four decades,詹姆斯·多尼奥说, 音乐商业总裁. “他已经成长为一个如此不可或缺的行业参与者, building Capitol Nashville into a major force before developing UMG Nashville into the dominant Country powerhouse it is today. 毫无疑问,迈克代表了非凡的远见, leadership and commitment that perfectly exemplifies our Presidential Award recipients.”

邓根是继之前备受尊敬的获奖者名单之后, 包括:约翰·埃斯波西托, 迪克·克拉克, 沃尔特Yetnikoff, Ahmet和Nesuhi Ertegun, 吉姆·尤里, 泰德•科恩, 克莱夫•戴维斯, 科尼利厄斯不, 凯西珊, 西尔维娅罗纳, 约翰马默杜克, 鲍勃•希金斯, 保罗•史密斯, 斯科特Borchetta, 丰田Morito, 埃里克·保尔森, 亨利dro, and Russ Solomon as well as organizations including the Country Music Association (CMA), 美国唱片学会(NARAS), 美国唱片工业协会(RIAA).

“We’re also thrilled to welcome CMA back as the sponsor of our Awards Breakfast,” Donio continued. “Last year’s event provided strong visibility and promotion for ‘The 50th Annual CMA Awards,’ while recognizing some of the most influential executives in the music business. We look forward to another fantastic Breakfast with their support.”

“I’m honored to be selected for the Music Biz Presidential Award, and to be counted among those who have been recognized with this award in the past, 他们中的许多人都是我心目中的英雄,塔吉克族说. “I have always strived to spread the word about the music that I love, 以及我认为会影响人们生活的音乐. Continuing this on such a grand scale with the spectacular roster we have here at UMG Nashville has been the most rewarding experience of my career. 现在, to be recognized in this way by Music Biz is truly humbling.”

在辛辛那提, Dungan has worked in the music business since he was 16 years old, 开始在当地一家唱片店打零工. In 1979, 他的品牌生涯开始于RCA的流行推广代表, 在辛辛那提工作, 底特律, 和明尼阿波利斯市场. In 1987, he took a sales position with RCA and Arista Records parent company, BMG. Two years later, Arista Records hired him as its Director of Marketing for the Midwest. In 1990, Dungan moved to the newly-formed Arista Nashville label to head up Sales and Marketing, 后来升任高级副总裁和总经理. In 2000, Dungan was named President of EMI Music’s Capitol Records Nashville, 在接下来的12年里, 帮助那家公司取得了巨大的成功, 上面有国会大厦的标签 公告牌杂志’s Country Label of the Year for eight straight years, including 2015.

In May of 2012, Dungan moved to the Universal Music Group as Chairman and CEO. Shortly after, Universal purchased EMI, reuniting Dungan with his old roster at Capitol. 现在, he oversees UMG Nashville and its four label imprints – Capitol Nashville, EMI唱片纳什维尔, 水星纳什维尔, 以及MCA Nashville——这是35位主要艺术家的家乡, 包括卢克·布莱恩, 凯斯·厄本, 山姆·亨特, 克里斯Stapleton, “战前女神”演唱组合捧走, 大的小镇, 迪克斯宾利, 乔治海峡, Eric教堂, Kacey Musgraves, 达利斯洛克, 艾伦杰克逊, 仙妮亚·唐恩, 加里·艾伦, 吉尔和文斯. 广告牌 has listed Dungan on its annual “Power 100” list in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. 同样在2016年,邓根被提名 广告牌的 年度乡村音乐总裁.

“CMA is proud to once again sponsor the 音乐商业2017 Awards Breakfast as we have had a long partnership between the two organizations,达蒙·怀特塞德说, CMA市场与战略伙伴关系高级副总裁. “今年的主宾, 迈克塔吉克族, 以及过去的获奖者, have made significant contributions to the overall music industry that have made it possible for Country Music to flourish. We’re excited to continue to support this event and help give all the honorees the recognition they deserve.”

Founded in 1958, CMA has been advocating for the advancement of Country Music for nearly six decades. In 1961, the organization created the Country Music Hall of Fame, which now counts 130 members. 1967年10月, CMA launched the CMA Awards as an untelevised event hosted by Sonny James and Bobbie Gentry. The ceremony was broadcast on television for the first time the following year, making it the longest running annual music awards program on network TV. 今年是第50期, 11月2日播出, featured performances from CMA Entertainer of the Year Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, 路加福音布莱恩, Eric教堂, 佛罗里达格鲁吉亚线, 艾伦·杰克逊和乔治·斯特雷特, 米兰达兰伯特, 大的小镇, 蒂姆麦格劳, 麻仁莫里斯, 克里斯·斯台普顿和德怀特·尤卡姆, 凯莉·安德伍德, 凯斯·厄本, Beyoncé和南方小鸡的惊喜表演, 更多是为了纪念这个特殊的场合. 除了, 该组织每年主办CMA音乐节, 它于1972年以Fan Fair的名义成立. The 2016 edition broke records with daily attendance of 88,500 fans. 2011年,CMA还成立了慈善CMA基金会, which focuses on improving and sustaining music education programs and advocating for causes benefiting the Country Music community.

音乐商业2017, 这部电影将于5月15-18日回归纳什维尔, 是音乐界最重要的活动吗, giving the commerce and content sectors a place to meet with trading partners, 与新公司建立联系, and learn about new trends and products impacting the music business. Registration is open now with early bird discounts in effect until early 2017. 欲了解更多信息或报名参加活动,请访问


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