Summit to feature keynote from Universal Music Group’s Barak Moffitt

2017年3月29日——音乐商业协会(Music Biz)将主办此次活动 Fifth Annual Metadata Summit, the definitive gathering of the metadata community, on May 16 from 9 a.m. 美东p.m. CT是在纳什维尔的文艺复兴纳什维尔酒店举办的2017年音乐商务大会的一部分. It will be supported by Presenting Sponsor OpenPlay and the following Supporting Sponsors: Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship/Open Music Initiative, DataArt, Digimarc, NPREX, Quantone, 负利率, SoundExchange, 与TiVo.

“Metadata is the foundation of the entire 数字 music industry, but many people don’t know it because the sizzle factor remains low,” said Bill Wilson, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Music Biz. “Over the last four years, we’ve fought to change that with the Metadata Summit, amplifying the importance of data, providing a high level forum for discussion, and attracting key participants. bwin8网址期待着在第五部分中,积极参与的各方在业务的各个层面进行另一次活跃的讨论.”

The event will be headlined by a keynote from Barak Moffitt, 环球音乐集团内容战略和运营执行副总裁. With more than 25 years in technology and music, including stints at Capitol Studios in Hollywood and the EMI Music Group, Moffitt will share his expertise on the importance of standardized, 高质量的元数据,并解释如何可以使用它来推动数字音乐的新体验. 其中最主要的是通过亚马逊Alexa和谷歌voice等设备进行语音搜索的兴起, 这将是由《bwin地址》的伊曼纽尔·勒格兰主持的一个小组讨论的主题,索尼音乐娱乐公司的克里斯·弗兰肯伯格和匡通音乐公司的迈克·佩根也将参与讨论.

除了, 将提供全球信息基础设施倡议的更新,如ISRC, DDEX, ISNI, 以及美国唱片业协会(RIAA)代表的OMI, Digital Data Exchange (DDEX), County Analytics, and the Open Music Initiative (OMI). 峰会还将解决与元数据相关的重大问题,如全球歌曲创作版税收集, proper implementation of standards, 以及与Downtown Music Publishing/Songtrust代表合作的预测元数据的编程技术, Loudr, OpenPlay, 潘多拉, ProMusicDB, and VeVa Sound.

第五届元数据年度峰会的完整议程可以在下面或访问 http://musicbiz2017.固定播送时间.com. Admission is included in the price of a full Music Biz 2017 badge, which can be purchased at If interested in purchasing a Tuesday, 5月16日通日出席峰会等节目日程安排为5月16日, use code META-DAY “元数据峰会日通行证- 5月16日星期二”门票只需要199美元. This ticket can be found at musicbiz2017.哪些.com.

学生和教育工作者以及第一次独立的标签有特别的折扣, 启动, 艺术家, 经理, 作曲家, and publisher attendees.

9 – 9:30 AM
Keynote Speaker

  • Barak Moffitt, Exec. VP of Content Strategy and Operations, Universal Music Group

9:30 – 10:20 AM
Acronym Salad Updates


  • ISRC更新:大卫休斯,首席技术官,唱片工业协会
    of America (RIAA)
  • DDEX Update: Mark Isherwood, Secretariat, Digital Data Exchange (DDEX)
  • ISNI Update: Paul Jessop, Founder & Director, County Analytics
  • OMI Update: Panos Panay, Co-Founder, Open Music Initiative (OMI)

10:30 – 11:20 AM
你好vs. Hello: Collecting Global Songwriting Royalties

As the industry continues to scale on the 数字 front, there are many cultural, 程序上的, 技术壁垒阻碍了向艺术家和词曲作者完全透明和准确的支付.

  • Moderator: Bill Wilson, VP of Digital Strategy & Business Development,
    Music Business Association
  • Joe Conyers III, VP of Technology & GM, Downtown Music Publishing/Songtrust
  • Annie Lin, General Counsel, Loudr
  • Adam Parness, Head of Publisher Licensing & Relations, 潘多拉

11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

研究表明,现在的音乐迷听的歌单比专辑还多. 语音控制和搜索正在消费电子行业迅速部署. 这个小组将讨论元数据在缩放播放列表中的角色和类型, 以及为准确的语音搜索提供基础信息.

  • Moderator: Emmanuel Legrand, U.S. Editor, Music Week
  • 克里斯·弗兰肯伯格,索尼音乐娱乐公司全球数字商业运营副总裁
  • Mike Pegan, Licensing Director, Quantone Music
  • Ryan Redington, Head of US Prime Music and Digital Music Store, Amazon

12:45-1:45 PM
Lunch Sponsored by OpenPlay

2 – 2:50 PM
标准和. Practices Town Hall

The music industry has a great way of creating standards, but not necessarily implementing them exactly in the same way. How big is the disconnect? What causes problems? What is being done or can be done to resolve the disconnect? 来自DDEX的Mark Isherwood将与特邀演讲者和观众进行一场深思熟虑和具有煽动性的讨论.

  • Moderator: Mark Isherwood, Secretariat, Digital Data Exchange (DDEX)
  • Deborah DeLoach, VP, VeVa Sound
  • Brian O’Leary, Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group
  • Dr. Vikram Sorathia, Co-Founder and Director of Technology, ProMusicDB

3 – 3:50 PM

Led by Edward Ginnis of OpenPlay, 这个小组将讨论在元数据系统中使用分析,以使内容交付过程更容易、更少出错.  Including the various processes currently used for optimization, and future considerations for industry solutions.

  • Moderator: Edward Ginis, Co-Founder, OpenPlay
  • Greg Delaney, Owner, Entertainment Intelligence
  • Additional panelists to be added

Music Biz 2017, which will return to Nashville from May 15-18, is the music industry’s premier event, 为商业和内容部门提供与贸易伙伴会面的场所, network with new companies, and learn about new trends and products impacting the music business. 今年的活动将由大西洋唱片集团董事长兼首席运营官朱莉·格林沃尔德发表主旨演讲, Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter, 创意艺人经纪公司(CAA)音乐经纪人杰夫·克朗斯和亨特·威廉姆斯, Cracker Barrel’s VP of Marketing Don Hoffman, Universal Music Group’s Exec. 内容战略和运营副总裁巴拉克·莫菲特(Barak Moffitt),更多消息有待公布. A special line-up of Digital Service Workshops from Amazon Music, 苹果的音乐, 潘多拉, 一夜, Spotify, 而YouTube/谷歌Play将标志着音乐行业前所未有的第一次,因为music Biz将把这些公司聚集在一个地方,在一天的时间里,装满了bwin地址如何利用这些公司提供的工具和产品,以最大化艺术家的价值的信息, 标签, 经理, 创造者, and the industry at large.

折衷的《bwin地址》节目还将包括巡演等主题, Live Streaming, 乙烯基, 消息传递, International, D2F, 集资”, 吐温类 & Tech, e-Commerce, Playlisting, A&R,社交媒体,授权,出版,高分辨率,VR,管理和专业发展. Returning favorite sessions will include the Metadata Summit, Brand & Strategic Partnership Summit, and Entertainment & Technology Law Conference, 也为音乐界的“女领导大声说出来”和各种特殊兴趣节目和分组会议安排了安可. Music Biz将颁发音乐商业奖,以表彰高管和艺术家的成就。音乐商业奖将授予音乐纳什维尔的迈克•邓根, Music Millennium’s Terry Currier, 阿黛尔, Paula Abdul, 卢卡斯·格雷厄姆, 麻仁莫里斯, and others to be announced. Registration is now open at, and for a full list of currently confirmed programming, visit http://musicbiz2017.固定播送时间.org.

bwin地址 the Music Business Association

音乐商业协会(Music Biz)是一个推进和促进音乐商业的会员组织——一个致力于行业中各种盈利模式的社区. It provides common ground by offering thought leadership, resources and unparalleled networking opportunities, all geared to the specific needs of its membership. 音乐商业带来了一个独特的视角和宝贵的洞察力,以创新带来的趋势和变化. 今天, bwin8网址将bwin8网址的集体经验应用于所有的交付模式:物理模式, 数字, 移动, 和更多的. Music Biz和它的成员致力于共同建设音乐商业的未来.

Music Biz Media 联系

Laurie Jakobsen, Jaybird Communications —, 646.484.6764