[保持音乐事业的节奏] Reflecting on the State of Mental Health in the Music Industry: Q&A和Sully Erna & 伤疤基金会

公开讨论心理健康背后的话题 & 健康正在迅速变化, 当bwin8网址合作解决bwin8网址都在处理的问题,而不是让它们在阴影中恶化. 伤痕基金会就是这样一个声音,它致力于支持那些与抑郁症的潜在问题作斗争的人, 上瘾, 欺凌, 滥用, 通过资助和教育帮助残疾人和残疾人以外的人. bwin8网址采访了上帝之吻的萨利·欧娜, 疤痕基金会的创始人, 和拿俄米制造者, 基金会的执行董事, 讨论该组织的起源和使命, how Music Biz is collaborating with them to support this mission, bwin8网址的 即将到来的音乐商务直播研讨会 心理健康,还有更多!

Music Biz:首先,bwin8网址要感谢您与bwin8网址谈论如此重要的话题, one that transcends the needs of the music business in a major way. bwin8网址能不能先谈谈疤痕基金会的成立以及您希望通过建立这个基金会来达到的目标?

萨伦伯格厄纳: Scars was formed in April of 2019 after writing the song “Under Ybwin8网址的 Scars,这本书讲述了bwin8网址如何接受自己的不完美,并在生活的创伤中自豪地与它们一起生活, rather than stuff them down 和 have us self-destruct over them. I wanted to invest 和 give back to something that was important to me. I had inherited a lifetime of “scars” myself from my childhood 和 upbringing, 所以建立这个基金会似乎是利用所有这些经历和分享我从创伤中获得的智慧来帮助其他人找到平衡和治愈的完美方式. 

拿俄米假造者: Our goal was simple: to help to make people’s lives better 和 to help save lives.

Music Biz: Sully — you’ve already got ybwin8网址的 h和s full between Godsmack 和 ybwin8网址的 solo career, 当然,作为一个有家的男人. 是什么让你脚踏实地,有动力把你的时间和精力投入到精神健康意识的事业中?

SE: 我仍然选择住在离我长大的地方很远的地方. 它比以往任何时候都更粗糙、更坚韧, 但这是一个善良的社区, 努力工作想做得更好的人. Watching their everyday struggles is certainly one of those things that keeps me grounded. 我的音乐和家人、朋友等支持我的团体也让我充满动力. bwin8网址都忠于最后,互相牵制.  

Music Biz: Music Biz很幸运地与疤痕基金会合作,成立了Music Biz心理健康基金,为bwin8网址的会员提供财务支持,帮助那些难以支付心理健康服务的人. 既然你来自音乐行业, was there a specific push within the Scars Foundation to support others within the industry, or were you looking to reach the broadest group of people you could support?

SE: bwin8网址希望接触到每个人! I don’t always think these scenarios through as deeply as it may seem — for me, 这是一个全球性的问题,一个800磅重的大猩猩,bwin8网址都在试图找出如何削弱和减缓它. Depression is the root of most suicides, which we call the “Silent Killer.” So all of bwin8网址的 categories focus on all things that funnel people into depression. bwin8网址可能是唯一一个处理多种抑郁原因的非营利组织,以便在它消耗它们之前找到根源. 然而, we also underst和 that it’s a complicated web that is woven to target it before we can help.  

话虽这么说, 这些类别是如此广泛和世界性, bwin8网址的 job is to reach as many people worldwide as we can — of all races 和 colors, or trades 和 hobbies — if we hope to have a shot at making a difference in saving lives. It’s not about preference when we choose as much as it’s about global contact. 

NF: 对bwin8网址来说,这是为了帮助bwin8网址的音乐家族. 今年可能是bwin8网址这个行业最具挑战性的一年,所有东西都关闭了, we felt it was 100% important to do whatever we could to help.

音乐商业:很长一段时间以来,创意界一直默默承受着他们的心理健康问题, 把痛苦倾注到他们创作的艺术中,而没有一个开放的出口来讨论他们如何应对. 当讨论心理健康开始在世界范围内失去它的耻辱时,你看到发生了什么支持艺术家独特需求的运动?

SE: 首先从, 这是个非常复杂的问题, so I’ll start by echoing what you asked me: “pbwin8网址的ing that pain into their art” IS an outlet. bwin8网址需要的是“运动”. It’s probably the most credible outlet we have for keeping us alive 和 coping with another day. Pain may create amazing music, but there’s a price we pay for that genius to manifest. 

“艺术家”也可能是一个非常复杂的谜题. Being born with this instilled in you is, most of the time, a bittersweet gift. bwin8网址不是正常的朝九晚五的生活方式. We are placed under microscopes constantly 和 are still expected to perform flawlessly. We carry a lot of internal pressure to always deliver bwin8网址的 vision or art perfectly.  对公众来说不是那么回事, 但对于bwin8网址自己来说,bwin8网址是如何将这些旋律和视觉从bwin8网址的身体中释放出来,并希望bwin8网址的艺术被看到和听到. 这本身就是一场斗争.  

NF: 就我个人而言, I am seeing more 和 more artists coming out 和 talking openly about their challenges, 这是朝着正确方向迈出的一大步.

SE: 好消息是, 在医学领域,精神健康确实比以往任何时候都被认为是一种“真正的临床疾病”,” not just someone being told to take a nap when they aren’t feeling well, 好像他们只是累了什么的. 这极大地帮助了处于这些情况下的人们感到被认可,并站出来谈论他们的挣扎 & 感情. 说到心理健康, 而不是内在, is that simple but very hard first step to take when you begin the healing process.  

音乐商业:“性,毒品”的比喻 & Rock ' N ' Roll”经常与来自更多的摇滚和金属场景的艺术家联系在一起. 作为一名出身于这些流派的艺术家和表演者, have you seen a shift away from destructive behavior 和 towards that of uplifting one another, 尤其是在抑郁症和毒瘾方面?

SE: 绝对! More “Rockers” than ever now lean far away from those lifestyles. 世界越意识到你使用毒品和实践不当行为所面临的后果, the more these musicians 和 artists don’t want to be seen in that light, 他们也不想面对这些严重的后果. And in return, they turn their 上瘾s towards healthier lifestyles. 

NF: Having worked in 上瘾 recovery 和 with Scars on mental health initiatives, 我看到更多的艺术家寻求治疗.

SE: 但让我指出你问题中的一点伪善,我觉得这一点对教育人们很重要. This is not a heavily weighted lifestyle for Metal or Hard Rock musicians. 这种行为发生在所有形式的艺术家身上:演员、体育明星、学校老师等等. 雷·查尔斯是个花花公子和瘾君子. 老虎伍兹、杰克·拉莫塔、迈克·泰森、迈克尔·杰克逊……名单和各种各样的人都有. “Sex, Drugs 和 Rock n Roll” is a choice of lifestyle, not a Heavy Metal b和’s behavior.

Music Biz:由于COVID-19大流行,bwin8网址已经度过了第一轮关闭的14个月, 是什么有效地阻止了整个现场/巡演业务,直到它是安全的集合再次. This has obviously resulted in major financial 和 emotional burdens on the performing artists, 他们在世界各地的工作人员和场地工作人员. 随着疫苗的推广开始稳步进行, 你对现场音乐的回归持乐观态度吗, something often stated as a major cathartic outlet for both artists 和 music fans alike?

SE: 它100%会回来的——它已经在一些州发生了. Simple 和 to the point, music will never die or be abolished, that’d be impossible! It’s a universal gift 和 no p和emic, virus, or worldwide illness can stop it. And this world has been through more difficult situations than this 和 has overcome it. It will just take time to clean up the mess, but we are ALL going to be just fine. 我保证它!   

音乐商业:从这场大流行中可能看到的一线希望是,bwin8网址所有人正在经历的生活方式的巨大变化,揭示了bwin8网址忙乱的日常生活是如何阻碍bwin8网址处理甚至认识到bwin8网址可能经历的心理健康问题的能力的. 作为精神健康倡导者, 在过去的一年里,你有什么专业或个人的见解想要分享吗?

SE: 交通当然是一件很愉快的事. 我不期待再次陷入僵局-哈哈! 

从更严肃的角度来说, 世界因此而改变, 每有一个消极因素,就有更多的积极因素. bwin8网址看到各行各业正在改变他们的整个工作模式, 学校教育改变了他们的教学方式, 以及家庭适应他们的生活方式. 和所有的创新一样,有些成功,有些失败. As the dust settles, we will filter out what doesn’t work 和 embrace 和 evolve what does.  

NF: 就我个人而言,我已经实施了一天一次的方案, along with the idea of following a 360-degree approach every day for mental, 身心健康.

音乐商业:这个月底, we are partnering with you to present bwin8网址的 “Music Biz LIVE:关注你的健康” event, 它将为与会者提供一场bwin地址音乐行业在心理健康和健康方面的发展方法的坦诚对话. What do you hope to communicate with those attending the event?

SE: 高于一切, 透明度和可见性对人们与心理健康的个人斗争的相关性和重要性.  

NF: I hope that we can communicate that no matter what ybwin8网址的 role is, 每个人都是脆弱的, 每个人都能得到帮助. 伤疤基金会 focuses on sharing ybwin8网址的 stories 和 instead of them holding you down, that they in fact empower you — I hope to get that message across.

音乐商业:展望未来, 在你支持他人心理健康需求的道路上,你是否希望看到伤疤基金会实现目标或里程碑?

SE: bwin8网址的里程碑都是一样的:帮助拯救生命,帮助人们找到更健康的生活方式,因为bwin8网址在地球上的时间很短. 我的目标是把伤疤基金会发展成一个1000万磅的大猩猩,可以吞下800磅的大猩猩!

NF: bwin8网址用音乐治愈人们,让人们有更多的讨论. My hope is that we can get bwin8网址的 项目 和 sessions to more 和 more people to offer them help. 下一个里程碑是bwin8网址的年度筹款活动, 今年哪一场音乐会, bwin8网址希望它会发展成一种持续的, 越来越多的节日.

Music Biz:最后,你有什么资源想和bwin8网址的读者分享吗?这些读者可能正在与任何类型的心理健康问题作斗争?

NF: We work with a number of different resbwin8网址的ces 和 they are all 在bwin8网址的网站上,但bwin8网址强烈推荐上瘾 bwin8网址还与 全国少年网球联盟Ernie Boch的音乐驱动着bwin8网址 项目.

Editor’s Note: If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, bwin8网址强烈建议你去 国家自杀预防生命线 at 1-. This toll-free hotline provides 24/7 service for those in crisis, 该生命线的160个危机中心为所有需要的人提供基本的心理健康服务. 

Hear more from Sully during his keynote interview during bwin8网址的 May 19th event, Music Biz LIVE:关注你的健康, a 90-minute look into the music industry’s changing approach to mental health — 了解更多并在这里注册.

您可以通过门户网站阅读过去的“保持节奏”文章 链接在这里. And, stay tuned for more insightful discussions from bwin8网址的 members 和 industry partners!