The Podcast renaissance is in full swing, 许多粉丝喜爱的名人和主持人主持了自己的节目,甚至还有一些有趣的项目亮相 from within the music industry as a way to cross-promote new music. The result of the format’s increased popularity is a boom in content that is daunting to sort through, to say the least. In our latest Keeping Tempo interview, we sat down with Greg Gentschev, Gracenote’s SVP of Product Management for Music & Auto, to discuss the company’s new dataset that aims to simplify and improve consumer search for podcasts, which helps both content creators and advertisers reach the audiences that matter the most to them.


Music Biz: To help consumers filter through the ever-increasing flood of content, your company has developed the new Gracenote Audio On Demand discovery dataset. Can you talk about what led you to work on this tool?

Greg Gentschev: Over the years at Gracenote, we’ve developed multiple datasets spanning across music, 视频和体育帮助娱乐爱好者搜索和发现更多他们喜欢的内容和艺术家. With podcasting continuing to gain popularity as a medium, Gracenote created a standardized and enriched dataset enabling powerful navigation, 在所有数字娱乐平台上搜索和发现超过3700万的播客. With this new offering, streaming music platforms, consumer electronics (CE) companies, 多频道视频节目分销商(MVPDs)和汽车制造商可以创造个性化的收听体验, 允许播客和脱口秀爱好者接触到比以往更广泛的个性和话题.


Music Biz: When developing this tool, what special considerations did you need to take into account to best service the podcast medium?

GG: We needed to keep in mind the fact that podcasting is a very open medium. Essentially, 任何人都可以上传和提交播客到任意数量的平台,让他们的节目被分发和播放. Therefore, there is a massive amount of diverse podcast content, but a lack of structured descriptive metadata around that content. This makes the discovery of new podcast shows and episodes that match listeners interest a challenge.


Music Biz: Gracenote音频点播工具对那些好奇的播客消费者来说,寻找下一个最喜欢的播客有明显的好处——你认为它在B2B或内容创建层面上有什么好处?

GG: Gracenote Audio On Demand offers a variety of benefits for podcast creators and publishers. Gracenote通过bwin8网址的数据集扩展了他们的内容分布,让这些内容在不同的流媒体平台上更容易被发现, increasing listenership for the content creators. 

Also we are seeing an increase in advertising in podcasts. Gracenote提供深入的类别标签,这将使基于主题的广告定位更加有效. 


Music Biz: Would you say Gracenote’s approach with this new tool is more AI-driven, human-curated, or a marriage of both? And what advantages do your particular methods bring to the table?

GG: Gracenote’s approach to this new podcast dataset is a marriage between AI-driven and human-curated. By leveraging our world-class editorial team and powerful machine learning algorithms, Gracenote对流行的播客系列和剧集都应用了详细的类别分类,让消费者更容易找到他们感兴趣的特定主题.  Gracenote Audio On Demand提供的深度描述性数据和独特的内容标识符,与Gracenote全球视频数据和全球音乐数据产品一样严格的标准和质量控制.


Music Biz:音频点播平台的一个例子是,它将播客客人与他们曾经上过的其他节目相匹配, or that they host themselves. Is there crossover between your podcast discovery tool and your music tagging platform — e.g., for artists who host their own podcasts or artists whose recordings are used in podcast episodes?

GG: Gracenote丰富的元数据允许用户轻松搜索和发现他们最喜欢的音乐家的新娱乐内容, hosts, actors and actresses. bwin8网址整合了Gracenote的名人产品元素,如名人形象和个人简介,以进一步提高播客收听的参与度. 而播客和音乐发现工具在每个不同的数据集中都扮演着关键的角色, we haven’t incorporated the music element just yet. That is something we definitely plan to do in the future. 


Music Biz:这似乎将用户与他们已经喜欢的类型的节目联系起来(《bwin地址》的听众可以观看更多的《bwin地址》节目), 例如)——有没有一个先例,你可以利用程序解决方案,将他们连接到相邻的话题,他们可能感兴趣?

GG: Gracenote Audio On Demand将帮助听众根据喜好和行为发现更广泛的个性和话题, something accomplished through Gracenote’s enriched metadata. Gracenote的元数据,如受欢迎程度评分和丰富的描述符,有助于在目前可用的数千个播客系列和剧集中推动更好的搜索和发现. Each of the 900,000 podcast series will be assigned a popularity score to help surface the most popular content, 而最热门的系列将利用更描述性的信息,如类别层次和名人链接更强大的搜索跨平台和跨媒体链接功能. 

For example, following a search for episode four of “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” featuring Dax Shepard, Gracenote Audio on Demand可以为柯南·奥布莱恩(Conan O 'Brien)等相关播客节目提供推荐, Dax Shepard, and other content from the podcast’s publishers.


Music Biz:你认为像Gracenote这样的编目解决方案会影响内容创造者或dsp在用户端如何显示元数据吗?

GG: Gracenote正在影响内容创建者和dsp如何在内容生命周期的早期输入元数据. 收听平台/ dsp能够在平台上创建增强的导航体验,增加对播放列表的主题和名人的关注,并提供推荐,以提高参与度. DSPs are also able to leverage celebrity images to create more visually-rich UIs. 


Music Biz: Looking to the future, 播客的格式是否有变化或创新,您认为可能会导致音频点播套件的更新?

GG: At Gracenote, bwin8网址从未停止寻找推动娱乐行业创新的方法,并不断增强bwin8网址的人工智能和算法. Entertainment mediums such as podcasts are evolving and continuing to increase in popularity. bwin8网址正在探索更多的内容描述符和功能,以进一步提高播客的发现和试验,为未来的推荐算法提供更好的用户体验和数据. 


Music Biz: To that point, 对于你的这个解决方案将如何影响你的下一个大型媒体格式的内容标签工具集,你有什么见解吗?

GG: Podcasts have strong synergies across video, music and sports content. By leveraging Gracenote’s metadata and identifiers across the other media types, bwin8网址正在链接类似的内容,以实现跨媒体推荐和跨平台通用搜索功能, devices and apps.

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